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How Bad Can Untreated Bruxism Really Get?

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Evan
How Bad Can Untreated Bruxism Really Get?Bruxism is a condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. Both kids and adults may have bruxism. Bruxism may occur when you are awake or asleep and may be voluntary or involuntary.

Some Ramifications of Bruxism

Most cases of bruxism are mild and do not require treatment. However, in some patients, bruxism can be frequent and severe. The teeth may appear flattened, fractured, or chipped. We see patients with bruxism completely wear off the enamel on their teeth. Bruxism can lead to jaw disorders, headaches, and damaged teeth.

If bruxism is not diagnosed and treated, there may be complications. The patient may experience extensive damage to the teeth. Constant grinding and clenching can destroy the tooth structure. In addition, prior dental work can be easily damaged by the force of the teeth against each other. Dental restorations, fillings, and crowns can suffer damage from bruxism.

If bruxism is untreated, a patient might incur tension-type headaches. Often these occur in the morning after clenching and grinding through the night. However, these headaches can happen at any time of the day.

Patients with bruxism often report severe facial or jaw pain. This is a logical consequence as the jaw overworks and stresses the muscles. Further, disorders can develop in the temporomandibular joints. These are located just in front of your ears. You may hear a click when you open and close your mouth if these joints are stressed. Untreated bruxism can cause havoc on your temporomandibular joints.

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Make sure to schedule your next cleaning and exam. We can look for signs of bruxism. It is important to identify bruxism early and take steps to change this condition. Doing so may save your teeth as well as your jaw.
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