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Dental Bonding
Spokane Valley, WA

Your teeth are the strongest bones in your body, but they can still fracture or crack due to trauma or decay. If your tooth has suffered damage, we at Serenity Dental can make it as good as new with dental bonding.

What is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth bonding is the practice of applying layers of composite resin to your teeth to fix minor damage or to hide discoloration. This bonding material is pliable and can be molded in any shape.

Dental bonding is one of the most common and most inexpensive procedures in dentistry and is usually completed in a single visit.

What are the Uses of Tooth Bonding?

There are a lot of minor defects and damage that tooth bonding procedures can fix. It can:
•  Repair teeth with minor decay.
•  Repair cracked and chipped enamel.
•  Hide stained and discolored teeth.
•  Close minor gaps between teeth.
•  Mold the shape of a crooked tooth.
•  Make teeth appear longer.
•  Protect an exposed tooth root from damage.

Whatto Expect During a Tooth Bonding Procedure?

Teeth bonding procedure is a simple and short non-invasive procedure that is often done without the use of anesthesia.

At Serenity Dental, Dr. Welton will first choose a composite resin material that is as close to your natural tooth color as possible. They will then prepare the bonding material that will be cemented to the affected teeth.

Your teeth will be scratched slightly to roughen the enamel so that it bonds tightly to the resin. We will then apply a bonding agent to the area and add the composite resin to your tooth in layers and mold it to cover the damage.

A curing UV light is then applied to your teeth, which will accelerate the bonding process between your teeth and the composite resin. Once the resin is dry, we will further shape and adjust the material to your liking.

We will then polish the bonded tooth so that it shines like your natural teeth.

It typically takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete the tooth binding process. However, if several of your teeth require bonding, the process can take more time.

However, the best news is that there is no recovery time for it and you can go about your daily activities as soon as you leave our office.

Taking Care of Your Tooth Bonding

Although composite resin binding is a good treatment option to repair your teeth, nothing is as good as your natural enamel. Therefore, you will need to take good care of your bonding so that it lasts a long time.

To avoid damaging your bonding, do not chew on hard things like ice cubes and pencil stubs. It is also important to remember that composite resin is not stain-resistant, which means it can become discolored if you consume dark-pigmented food regularly or if you smoke.

Once the composite resin is stained, it will not respond to any whitening treatments.

You can easily get your bonding replaced or fixed at Serenity Dental. But it is better to take good care of it as it can last you for as much as 10 years.

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Your teeth can fracture or crack due to trauma or decay, but we at Serenity Dental can make it as good as new with dental bonding. Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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