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Ridge Augmentation
Spokane Valley, WA

Man smiling with his arms crossed at Serenity Dental in Spokane Valley, WAA dental implant is the most effective, comfortable, and long-lasting solution for missing teeth. However, you will not be a good candidate for this procedure if your jaw does not have enough bone density.

To increase the quality and quantity of your jaw bone, Dr. Welton and at Serenity Dental recommend ridge augmentation surgery. This is a minimally-invasive procedure that accelerates the growth of bone in your jaw.

Ridge Augmentation in Dentistry

Ridge augmentation is a procedure that is often performed after tooth removal to preserve the alveolar ridge, the bony ridge that houses the tooth sockets.

Once a tooth is lost, only its empty socket is left in the jaw. When that part of the jaw does not receive the required stimulation that comes from the chewing and biting mechanism of the tooth, it will deteriorate and dissolve in the body. Hence, the height and width of the alveolar ridge will diminish.

In the first year of tooth loss, as much as 25 percent of your alveolar ridge mass is lost. In case of multiple missing teeth, your face will lose its support, your cheeks may develop a sunken appearance and your mouth will pucker in.

If in the future, you decide to get a dental implant, the soft bones in your jaw will not be able to provide adequate support to the dental implant. To remedy this, we recommend a ridge augmentation surgery.

Ridge Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Welton and will perform a ridge augmentation procedure under local anesthesia. To preserve the alveolar ridge, this procedure is often done after a tooth extraction; however, it can be done later on as well.

Once the area is numb, we will make an incision into your gums to expose the underlying bone. A grafting material, which may be sourced from your own body, a cadaver, an animal, or made synthetically in a lab, will be placed inside the gum flap.

We will also pack the space with collagen that can stimulate the growth of healthy bone and help the graft integrate with your jaw. Your gums are then sutured closed and allowed to heal. The external wound will take just a few weeks to heal; however, the process of bone development can take anywhere between three to nine months, depending on the health of your jaw.

Make sure that you do not smoke or consume alcohol as it can cause fibrous tissue to form in your jaw instead of strong bone.

Once your ridge has been augmented, you can get a dental implant placed in it successfully.

Benefits of Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation comes with several advantages:
•  Prevents bone resorption: Your jawbone will start to dissolve soon after the tooth extraction takes place. Ridge augmentation can prevent this from happening.
•  Maintains facial esthetics: The alveolar ridge also provides support to your facial features. Once the ridge diminishes, your cheeks will collapse, your jaw will lose its firmness, and your mouth will pucker. With ridge augmentation, you can preserve the natural structure of your face.
•  Allows placement of dental implants: Ridge augmentation ensures a healthy jawbone that is strong enough to anchor and support a dental implant. A dental implant, in turn, can provide stimulation to the jaw, further preventing bone necrosis and helping your jaw develop.

If you are interested in getting a dental implant with the best dental technology, schedule an appointment by calling (509) 919-1471 today. We will check the health of your jaw and determine whether you will need ridge augmentation surgery for a successful implant experience.

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If you are interested in getting a dental implant with the best dental technology and need ridge augmentation, schedule an appointment with Serenity Dental today!
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